Should I Join Forces With The Valley?


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Let me start by saying this. There’s some things that I HATE about The Valley. I Hate that they blew up so fast. I Hate that they have more followers on their Facebook page than BDP does. Hate that I’ve been writing blogs and delivering content for over 6 years now. Hate that The Valley is only in the game for what feels like only 2 years now. Hate that their stupid memes get a ridiculous amount of shares and likes. Hate that they did a better job at finding their niche and did a better job at making it a bigtime success on Facebook.

BUT… I RESPECT the hell out of The Valley. I think they have the same vision that I do. They just want to make people in NEPA have a good laugh on the internet, and I LOVE that. I was literally a “Publish Now” click away from dissing them over a dozen times. Only because I’m a competitor and they are technically competition, but I just couldn’t do it. I respected The Valley too much. Respected the vision.

So last night I got a message from the guy who runs and created The Valley. He asked if I’d be interested in creating content for them. He wants to hire me. I think combining the the two of us would be in the best interest for The Valley, BDP, and everyone who is connected to the internet in Pennsylvania.  We haven’t even talked about ideas yet. He just simply asked if I’d work for them. The ideas that I’ve had in my brain for the past 2 years could really blow your mind. I think we have something going here.

So here it goes…Should I join forces and work for The Valley?

Take the poll below and drop a line in the comment section.



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