Video Emerges Of Scranton Cops Throwing HAYMAKERS In Downtown Scranton



Watching this video on a shitty Tuesday morning kind of puts things in perspective and makes me thankful that at least I’m not those guys on the ground getting MURKED by Scranton PD. Yeah, it’s cold and rainy, but at least my head didn’t get knocked off over the weekend by Scranton’s finest. Those cops don’t play around. Think twice before you step up to those guys…Sheesh.

PS- I wasn’t 100% sure if this really was a video in Scranton until I saw this guy in the video:


If you’ve been downtown Scranton at least once in your life, there’s almost 1000% chance you’ve seen that guy.

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  1. Was on duty for this fight. ScrantonPD officer aint nobody to fuck with!!

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