Gatorade Wraps Up Peyton Manning’s Career By Showcasing Every Athlete Who Received A Hand-Written “Thank You” Letter From Peyton



Here’s a list of all the cameos in this video (in order of appearance):

Tony Dungy – Peyton’s Indianapolis Colts head coach, 2002-2008; Pro Football Hall of Fame Inductee; current NBC Analyst
Jon Scott – Peyton’s friend and current Indianapolis Colts Vice President of Equipment Operations
David Cutcliffe – Peyton’s quarterback coach at University of Tennessee, 1994-1997; current Duke Head Coach
Pam Frenzel – Mother of Tyler Frenzel; Peyton befriended Tyler – diagnosed with leukemia – during a visit to the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St. Vincent in Indianapolis and remained in close contact with Tyler until his death in 2004 at age 9
Jeff Saturday – Peyton’s Indianapolis Colts teammate, 1999-2011; NFL center, 1992-2012
Eli Manning – Peyton’s brother; current New York Giants quarterback
Demaryius Thomas – Peyton’s Denver Broncos teammate, 2013-2016; current Denver Broncos receiver
Derek Jeter – Peyton’s friend; fellow Gatorade athlete; New York Yankees shortstop, 1995-2014
Brandon Stokley – Peyton’s Indianapolis Colts and Broncos teammate, 2003-2006 and 2012 respectively; NFL receiver, 1999-2013
Archie Manning – Peyton’s father; NFL Hall of Fame quarterback, 1971-1984
Chris Mortensen – Peyton’s friend; current ESPN NFL analyst
Brandon Washington – First recipient of PeyBack Foundation Scholarship; currently a graduate student at University of Indiana


Peyton fans, you can now put your Peyton Manning boner down now. The clip is over. But seriously, I’m not even a Peyton guy, but that commercial was pretty neat. I gotta tip the cap to the guys at Gatorade for putting that one together. Good stuff. Actually, no. GREAT stuff.

Even though he used HGH. I still liked it.

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