Smoke Of The Week: Katie Lynn, From Kingston


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Do you like like tattoos? Do you like chicks? Do you like chicks with tattoos? Oh you do, huh? Then prepare to fall in love with Katie, this week’s smoke of the week. Honestly, I don’t get all crazy over chicks with tattoos, but I have no choice when it comes to Katie. Like I’m literally over here going BONKERS trying to blog all of her photos. It’s so tough to pick and choose which ones to use. Like seriously, I started blogging this almost 2 hours ago but I keep catching myself just sitting here and drooling over my keyboard…. I keep forgetting I have a job to do over here….. Such a blessing putting this one together…. What a smile. What a body. What a sleeve of tattoos. What a smoke.

PS- If you rate her anything under a 10, I don’t even wanna know you.

Introducing, Katie Lynn. Enjoy the show:

Katie’s Instagram Page  –  Katie’s Instagram Page  –  Katie’s Instagram Page 






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Here’s a decent video to close out the show:



You know what time it is. Time to rate Katie:



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  1. id fuck that pussy crooked if it isnt already.

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