In-N-Out Burger Seeking Legal Action Against Abi Ratchford



FoodBeast – It’s not unusual for a photographer, or videographer to have a model cover herself in food, but it’s not often that the featured food fires back in anger. Model Abigail Ratchford was in a pretty “taste”-ful video that involved her playing with a bunch of In-N-Out food while wearing a cleavage-accenting swim suit. In the video shot by Live Rich Media, Ratchford makes it rain with fries and drips a vanilla milkshake all over herself. Thankfully, Ratchford was later able to wipe the milkshake off of herself and lick it off her fingers. According to TMZ, In-N-Out’s lawyer said the restaurant had received several complaints over the video, as it has received over 1.5 million views on Live Rich Media, almost 500,000 views on Ratchford’s Facebook, and has even been re-posted by, among others, Playboy Radio. The suits asked Ratchford to take it down, but it’s been up for about a month with little intent of disappearing from the internet. 


Let me start out by saying that I LOVE burgers. ALL burgers. I’ll eat a burger from pretty much anywhere, but I’ll never eat a burger from In-N-Out after hearing about this crap. What kind of company gets pissed at my girl Abi because she used their burgers for a promo that was basically free advertisement that got seen by millions of viewers? Forget saying that it was “basically” a free advertisement, it WAS a free advertisement. Do they not know how lucky they are in all reality? And when In-N-Out says that the company received “several” complaints, what kind of numbers are we actually talking about? Over ten complaints? Under ten complaints? Two complaints? First of all, if a person is complaining and won’t eat a burger from their restaurant after watching that video then you don’t want those five customers anyway. Like seriously, what a bunch of prudes! Like if I made a burger and some fries and called my shit BDP Burger and Abi decided to cover her tits up with my BBQ sauce, I’d literally roll over and die right then and there while I run straight to the bank. Dumbest story I’ve ever heard.


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