Rare Footage Emerges Of Motionless In White Performing At The Moosic Youth Center Circa 2007



 Slam Dance – All students to report to the gym after class for a kick ass assembly.

Here is one hell of a Throw Back video! After doing research I believe that this is the oldest maybe even the first ever live footage of Motionless In Whiteperforming ‘Schizophrenicanniballisticsexfest.com‘ in a high school gymnasium in 2007.

Look at Balz blonde hair.

VC: xryansx



So I’m scrolling through the news feed and I had to do a double take. Actually, I did a triple take. I seen the court. I seen the blue and red. I seen the hoops. And then I saw the stage….THAT’S OLD FOOTAGE OF MOTIONLESS IN WHITE RAGING AT THE M.Y.C!!! (Moosic Youth Center) These guys at Slam Dance are good! How the hell did they score this rare footage?!

Clearly, I don’t post many metal blogs here at BDP, so some of you may not know who Motionless In White is, and that’s not OK.

They’re one of the biggest metal bands to make it big. And when I say big, I mean BIG. Most of them are actually Pittston Area grads. Just absolutely BONKERS seeing them play in front of maybe 30 teenagers back in 2007. Holy shit does time fly by…Look at them now:


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