Chick From Wilkes University Lands RA Job After This “Uptown Funk” Video Went Viral



WILKES-BARRE The unique way Wilkes University freshman Christine Walsh applied for a resident assistant position has made her an Internet sensation.

Not only did she get the job supervising a residence hall on campus, but the school’s marketing department has enlisted her as a pitchwoman for future school promotions.

The 19-year-old wrote, sang, and performed in a parody music video of the Grammy Award-winning song “Uptown Funk” that she tailored to the resident assistant spot — “Don’t believe me just watch. My weekly emails will be top notch. Don’t forget to check your inbox.”

Then she put it on YouTube to play during her interview. 

“When I put it on YouTube, it was literally just because I wanted easy access to it during the interview — and I wanted my parents to be able to see it,” said Walsh, who is from Lebanon Township, New Jersey. “I thought there was going to be 15 views on the video. The fact it went even a little bit viral was definitely not what I expected.”

The video has been viewed more than 16,000 times as of Sunday night.

Click To Read Entire Article And Interview With Christine Via The Citizens Voice HERE


Listen, there’s a ton of garbage on the internet, I know this because I blog most of it, but sometimes really good things happen because of the internet, just like this story. So this chick made a pretty decent music video that probably took 2 hours to make, and BOOM, she’s hired because of it. Thanks, the internet!

Everyone was pretty surprised that it got as many views as it did, including Christine. Hint, hint…It was a wise decision to use one of the hottest songs of 2015. Just think about how many people search “uptown funk” on a daily basis on YouTube. Marketing 101.

But kudos to Christine and her two hype girls for using the internet to land their jobs.And it’s nice to finally see a local publication that has made the transition to internet articles post something positive besides all the other articles about child rapists and murders. Not a bad day for NEPA, Wilkes, The Citizens Voice and the internet in general.

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