Straight Chicks Touching Another Vagina For The First Time Is A Pretty Interesting Video



Well, so far we’ve had lesbians touching dicks for the first time, gays touching vaginas for the first time and now we’ve got some straight chicks touching another girl’s vagina for the first time. When will the madness come to an end? Probably never. I don’t really know how many other combinations these guys can come up with, but if they build it I will blog it. So here we are today.

PS- This is the second or third time that this Stevie chick has had her peepee touched by some other people. Every time someone sees that thing, people have nothing but great things to say about it. Clearly, I’d like to see it with my own eyeballs. Maybe even touch it too. So if any of the production people involved in these series is reading this, I’m ready to put on the gloves….For scientific purposes obviously.

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