Now THIS Is The Ultimate Scranton Parade Day 2K16 Video

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The only thing missing from yesterday’s Scranton Parade Day video was some boobs. Clearly, this one had some boobs.



This video is brought to you by the same guys who made last year’s ultimate Scranton parade day video, Noble Productions. If you missed last year’s video, you can watch it here.


But what I really like about this video is the fact that there’s a lot of unnamed chicks in it that could potentially be some future smokes of the week. So if you know any of these chicks and you think they could be a smoke of the week, hit us up on our facebook page. Here’s what we got:

Potential smoke #1


Potential smoke #2


Potential smoke #3


Potential smoke #4


Potential smoke #5


Potential smoke #6

giphy (1).gif

Potential smoke #7


Potential smoke #8


Potential smoke #8


Potential smoke #9


Potential smoke #10



Now lets close this one out with one final dab on em:

giphy (2).gif


As always, if you put together a Scranton Parade video and you want that shit to go viral, hit us up on our facebook page and send us the link so we can get it up for you.




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