Watch PA Rep. Marty Flynn Dominate His Case In Support Of Marijuana




YouTube Description Pa. state Rep. Marty Flynn says it’s long past time for the commonwealth to legalize medical marijuana for patients suffering from cancer, HIV/AIDS, Multiple sclerosis, glaucoma and other serious conditions. He says public support is behind the issue and too many Pennsylvanians are suffering from chronic pain to go without this important resource.

HAHA! Demon Weed! Get em Marty!

Seriously though, how long has weed been on this earth for? Probably since the beginning of time right? There isn’t ONE death due to an overdose from marijuana. You look at state’s like Colorado who have increased their economy by the billions since the legalization of marijuana.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know we’re only talking about medical marijuana at this point, but that’s whats most important. Pennsylvania has always been late when it comes to EVERYTHING, weather we’re talking music, fashion and/or technology. Hence, why I started this blog in the first place. But hopefully when it comes to medicine, we stay up to date when it comes to curing cancer in Pennsylvania.

Now I haven’t done the research before typing this up, I’m no journalist, but I’m almost POSITIVE Pennsylvania is one of the highest states in America when it comes to cancer. And as sad as it is to say, I’ll bet that every set of eyeballs that’s reading this blog has had at least ONE family member who’s died of cancer, which proves my point about cancer in PA. Imagine if you could of saved that beloved family member with the use of Medical Marijuana? What if that family member could of had at least 5 extra years to live with the help of medical marijuana? Would you use it if it prolonged a family members life? Of fucking course you would!

So PA needs to open their brain when Marty speaks. Do the right thing. Once we get the medical marijuana ball rolling in PA, we can start curing this cancer that has been plaguing us in NEPA forever. THEN, MAYBE then, we can maybe talk about about the legalization.I mean,  just think about all the money PA could be making once that happens. We need a change. A Positive one. Look at Colorado when it comes to their economy:



Why can’t that be us?

Meanwhile, I guess I’m late to hearing this, but apparently the PA House passed the medical marijuana bill and awaits a final approval. You can read that article HERE. I told you I’m no journalist.

PS- Clearly I was late on this topic. We already have people crying tears of joy:


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