Wesley Snipes Records A Store Owner Refusing To Let Him Use The Bathroom



So this video is starting to make some rounds. People are pulling the race card as expected, but let me say this. If I’m a busy owner and some random person walks in just trying to use the bathroom and I say “No”, then guess what? The answer is “No”. Has nothing to do with race. Sometimes you’re busy and don’t have time to let a random stranger use your place of business to take a shit. Go find a local McDonald’s and keep it moving brother. If you can’t find a McDonald’s, then find a Dunkin Donuts. They are literally EVERYWHERE. I can see if you had your little kid by your side and it needed to use the bathroom, but as a grown man who has probably held in a piss or shit at least once in your lifetime, hold it in for another minute and find a gas station or convenient. I can’t be mad at this guy. Just keep it moving. Wesley.

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