68 Year-Old Granny Gets Murdered In Her MMA Debut



Tough one, granny. Kind of reminded me of Old School when Blue was fighting those chicks in the KY jelly ring. It was very courageous of granny to step in the cage and take on a real MMA¬†fighter, but it was also very fucking dumb. The whole time I was watching that clip I kept saying in my head “when is she gonna die? when is she gonna die? when is she gonna die?” Like that Asian chick didn’t let up one ounce. She gave granny everything she had in that one. At any point she could of sent granny to an early death. One of the most intense videos I’ve seen in awhile. Was biting my fingernails the entire time. I almost felt bad watching it. Like there was something about watching an old lady get beat the fuck up that made me feel like a bad person. Keyword: “almost”

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