LOCAL: Plains Township Nurse Making National Headlines For Assisting Surgery While Drunk


[Cover photo via The Valley]

WNEPA nurse is charged with being drunk while assisting on an emergency surgery at the VA Medical Center near Wilkes-Barre. He admits he was at a casino drinking when he was called into work.

METRO – An eastern Pennsylvania nurse has been charged with crimes related to allegedly being drunk while assisting during a surgery.

Nurse Richard J. Pieri, 59, of Drums, admitted to having between four and five beers at Mohegan Sun Pocono casino on the night of Feb. 4, Allentown’s Morning Call reported. He claimed to have forgotten that he was on call at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center near Plains Township.

Police said to WNEP in a related article that Pieri appeared on a video that night stumbling in the parking lot before heading in to help with an emergency appendectomy for which he was called a little before midnight. 

An affidavit referenced by the Morning Call stated that a physician’s assistant told police that Pieri was “definitely not himself” that evening and was asked if he was “drunk or something.”

Pieri’s role during the procedure, according to WNEP, was to prepare the patient and the operating room and to monitor the patient’s vital signs.

Pieri has been charged with recklessly endangering another person, DUI and public drunkenness, WNEP added, also stating that the VA believes his state-of-mind had no impact on the patient.


Hate it when that happens. Just having a good time at the casino doing a little gambling and throwing back some drinks with your buddies then all of a sudden you get called into work to do a quick surgery while you’re drunk as fuck.

It’s one thing if you’re a bartender or waiting tables, being drunk actually is a performance enhancer. I’ve done it a million times. Makes work so much fun, increases your mood and makes you’re jokes 10x funnier.

But it sucks when you’re a surgeon and you have to cut people open with sharp objects. Just a big time buzzkill. Especially when you have to try and play it off drunk stumbling and are having a hard time staying on your feet.

Tough break for him. But you know who had it worse? The patient. Could you imagine going under the knife knowing some dude is about to cut you open while being hammered? Literally has to be a living NIGHTMARE. Glad that patient lived to see another day.

SIDE NOTE- Literally thought this was an article on The Onion when I first saw this on my timeline. Nope, just another day in NEPA. You can’t make this shit up.

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