I Double-Dog-Dare You To Find Another Skiing Video Crazier Than This One




Seriously, I’ve never seen so much action in one quick skiing video. This is his third installment of “One Of Those Days. The first one was really nothing to go crazy over. You can watch that video HERE. The second installment I blogged a few months ago which you can check out by hitting THIS LINK


But seriously, how insane do you have to be to jump over a fucking helicopter with its death wings still spinning?

If he ever fucked up and hit that wing, two words…Dead Man.

And oh yeah, no big deal, just some casual cave diving and some backflips:

I used to like climbing trees. Everyone did. Climbing trees was the shit. But this guy? He climbs trees way different than how I remembered doing it:

Sweet log cabin!

And oh yeah, who doesn’t like riding horses in the snow?

And the only thing that sucks about skiing/snowboarding down a nice run is waiting in line and getting on the lift. Um, yeah, he skipped that part.

Just an epic way to end a run. Get enough speed, hit a little kicker onto a lake and have the same helicopter that you already jumped over come scoop you up before you drown to death. Tremendous.

Click To Watch The Previous “Another One Of Those Days” Video

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