When Attempting To Steal All The Pharmacy’s “Oxy 30s” Goes Terribly Wrong



ABC – David West, 25, was visiting his girlfriend working at a Walgreens pharmacy in Bradenton, Florida, on Valentine’s Day when a masked man suddenly jumped on the counter. The masked man, later identified by police as 26-year-old Anthony Nemeth, demanded “all the oxy 30s,” a controlled narcotic drug that goes by the name of oxycodone, according to a probable cause affidavit filed by the Bradenton Police Department. Nemeth told the pharmacists he had a gun and he even “had his hand in his sweater implying that he had a gun,” police wrote in the affidavit obtained by ABC News today. West then tried to tackle Nemeth, and a struggle between the two ensued, according to surveillance video footage from the store. “I was protecting the one I love,” West told ABC News today, referring to his girlfriend who was working behind the pharmacy counter. “I have to say, she’s really the reason why I reacted so quickly,” he said. “It was just instinct to protect her.” West added that he is a professional boxer and a two-time winner of the Florida State PAL Boxing Championships.

Tough day out there on field for this pill head. Nothing worse than trying to rob a Walgreens pharmacy for all their oxy 30’s and being completely obliterated by a two-time boxing champion. Talk about bad luck. One second you’re robbing a cute pharmacist, thinking your about to make a nice pay day in streets, the next, you’re getting you face blasted in by a boxer. Brutal.  Just absolutely, BRUTAL.

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