Bloom U Sorority Chick’s Facebook Post Gone Viral Because No Ugly Chicks Allowed



TFM – The photo of a post on a sorority Facebook page at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania is making the rounds on the school’s Yeti. Homegirl drops some serious truth bombs on her sisters, telling them that she’s sick of “sugar-coating” the fact that they don’t want to bid ugly-ass potato-looking bitches, lest they end up like that shithole sorority AST, who couldn’t get a frat to hang out with them if they presented their vaginas on a silver platter.

But hey, they look at personality, too. If a girl is a “raging bitch” they also kick her to the curb.

It’s a truth sororities never admit publicly, but don’t shame them or call them shallow for it. There’s nothing wrong with a hottie wanting to hang out with other hotties. It maximizes their chances of getting laid. Non-sorority girls do it, too. Sure, there will be a fatty or two thrown into the group because she’s super sweet and super fun *cough* makes the others look hotter *cough* but if you’re hitting the bars with a team of offensive linemen, the only guy who will give you attention is the pimply-faced teenager handing you a deluxe taco combo box at the end of the night.


Not a huge shocker here, sorority chicks don’t want any ugly/fat chicks in their family. But this chick went public on Facebook and has been making internet rounds all weekend because of it. Soritity chicks judge you on your looks. Chicks who aren’t in sororities judge you on your looks. Basically EVERYONE judges you on your looks. That’s jut a known fact.

If this sorority wants to only let in hotties, that’s completely up to them. Although it might seem harsh, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. If you want to score with other Bloom U frats, obviously you’re gonna wanna roll with a wrecking crew of sorority smokes. Just common law in College 101.

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