S.I Releases 3 Covers: The Big Girl Cover. The Real Cover & The Athlete Cover


The Big Girl: Ashley Graham


The Normal Girl: Hailey Clauson


The Athlete: Ronda


Pres from Barstool said it best, so here it goes…

BSS – Okay I’m not trying to be a dick here, but if Sports Illustrated really wanted to prove a point about how “fat is cool” how about releasing 1 cover and making it the heavy girl? Because I don’t consider this the real SI swimsuit cover when the traditional cover is right next to the fat girl cover on the shelves. This is just a fancy PR stunt to say “hey all women are beautiful….we don’t discriminate. Fat girls can be models too…” Meanwhile every single dude in America is buying the hot girl cover that is right next to it on the shelves. (That’s pretending people still buy the SI swimsuit issue) So spare me the congratulatory handshakes.

Also if you’re gonna put a fat girl on the cover and say she’s beautiful you shouldn’t airbrush her photo. Let us see the rolls. Let us see the real her. Don’t give me this “love yourself as you are” song and dance and then airbrush the shit out of her. Hypocritical much?

PS – I’ve already said this about the big girl. She’s not necessarily fat. She’s just fat for modeling. Her face is gorgeous. If she had even an ounce of pride she’s hit the treadmill and become a real model. This is like rewarding an athlete for coming into camp out of shape. You get paid to be beautiful not to sit on the couch and eat snacks.

Double PS – Ronda Rousey? Really?

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