Sad News: Ronnie Coleman (Yeahh Buddy Guy) Broke His Back Lifting And Can’t Walk



ronniecoleman8 So you guy’s still wanna be like me, you still want to have the same work ethic is I had. Well as you can see I’m 8 X Mr Olympia and I can’t walk. I endured an 11 hour major back surgery last Tuesday. Do I have any regrets?, if I had a chance to do it all over again would I change anything? Yes if I had a chance to do it all over again I would change one thing. That is when I squatted that 800lbs I would do 4 reps instead of 2, that is my only regret in my career. Those 2 reps I did still haunts me today because I know I had 4 in me but the coward in me only did 2. That is my only regret.


Sometimes blogging is funny. Sometimes it’s sad. The previous blog was a fun one. This one isn’t. Back in my college days, I actually made going to the gym part of my daily regimen. Crazy right?

Well there was nothing better than watching a Ronnie Coleman video during the YouTube golden age right before pumping some iron. There was nothing more motivating that watching a black man all juiced up with roids scream “YEAUUUUUUUP” and”YEAHHH BUDDAY!!!” while squating a million pounds.

What would happen after that was basically magic. You’d get the best out of your workout if you watched a Ronnie Coleman video before you got a pump. Because you’d somehow turn into a much smaller Ronnie Coleman. Curling 25 pound weights and screaming “YEAUHHH BUDDDY” made you forget you were even curling 25 pounds weights. Made you forget you were a bitch. There was just nothing like it.

Well now he can’t even walk and I’m saddened to inform you this morning.

So to help clean the pallet, lets watch some of the best Ronnie Coleman moments, shall we?


That was supa-heavy! Light weight baby!


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  1. White people introduced drugs to this sport moron and thats fast fact…many white men can never have the genetics of a black man because you have no endurance no power no speed no determination and no drive….many white men are naturally couch potatoes just shy of being a female…you found your edge abused it and passed the drugs on to black men in many cases used them but the black ammune system is not that of a white man because many of the bodybuilders deaths are that of white men and thanks to all the white doctors for providing that suicide medicine called a drug to its own kind….don’t go after the user go after the provider and you’ll find that both in majority are that of the same race…

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