Kanye’s “The Life Of Pablo” Dropping On TIDAL At 4pm Today?



So I got out of work last night at 11:30 pm and rushed home to pick up some wifi and download Ye’s new album. Weather I had to pay for it or not, I was getting it. But it wasn’t anywhere. I was pissed. You were pissed. We all were pissed.

When someone says their album is coming out on a certain date, it usually drops when the clock strikes midnight and it becomes that day. Not the case last night.

But apparently if you go on TIDAL’s website, the first thing you’ll see is the photo above saying that TLOP will be live streaming today at 4pm.

Listen, I love Kanye. Always did. Always will. But if he thinks I’m going to sign up and actually pay monthy for music, he’s crazier than I thought. There’s no way I’m paying for music and putting my hard earned shitty dollars in Jay-Z’s pocket. So I’ll wait till it’s elsewhere, weather it’s from iTunes or the digital black market.

But the point of this blog is to help anyone out that is wondering when The Life Of Pablo is dropping. If you want to stream it when it drops at 4pm, just head to TIDAL’s website HERE and sign up if you want too.

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