Serena Williams Snapchated Her Booty And OH LAWD!


TMZ – Serena Williams might have lost her last time on the court … but here’s more proof she’s winning in life … the RIDICULOUS crib she’s calling home while on vacay in Jamaica.

Serena’s been Snapchatting like crazy from inside the place … including the now instant classic vid of her reppin’ the USA to the fullest … in an ASSTACULAR star-spangled one piece swimsuit.


Here’s my two cents on Serena’s booty. I was at the bar one night when she was playing in some tournament and I was walking up to the big screen in amazement trying to get an angle to get a glimpse of that ass under her skirt. People were busting my balls saying I was crazy for being attracted to her. They were even saying she looks kind of like a man.

Well if going H.A.M over Serena makes me a gayball then so be it. I don’t care what none of yas say, Serena is smoking hot and that ass is out of this world.






Just ask Drake, he’ll tell ya that he’s got my back in this topic too.




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