Hunny, If You Ain’t Puking, You Ain’t Trying (NSFL)


** The following is not safe for lunch **






Well, you know what they say: “If you ain’t puking, you ain’t trying.” You can sit there and be all grossed out by a chick who literally puked out a boot while deadlifting, but not me. That’s the kind of energy you need to bring to the gym/lifting competitions. If you’re not puking you’re not working hard enough. Like there’s a lot of chicks who buy cute gym swag. go to Planet Fitness, take a selfie and peace out. Not this chick. Fucking animal. Lifts till she pukes. Those are words to live by.

PS- What was that hand motion she did before she started? Thought she was about to hand-jive for a second.

Double PS- I haven’t been to a gym in 4 years, so I don’t really know if chick’s puke often these days. So I guess that was actually kind of gross. At least she didn’t piss herself…

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