I’d Leave My Press Conference Too If A Broncos Player Was Talking Shit Right Next To Me




Clearly, you could hear what Broncos cornerback Chris Harris was saying literally right next to Cam.

Load the box, force y’all to throw the ball,” Harris said. “Can you throw the football? That was the gameplan.

2 things here. Why in God’s name would you put winners and loosers so close to each other directly after The Super Bowl. On one hand you have Harris on cloud nine after shutting down Cam and winning the Super Bowl, and you stick Cam directly next to him while he’s celebrating? Did the media do this on purpose? Stick a sad Cam next to a player of the opposing team Cam gets asked shitty questions? Can you maybe ask him about some x’s and o’s? Maybe ask him questions other than “How does it feel?” and “How disappointed are you?” Clearly he’s upset. Great question. But can we not stick Cam next to Chris Harris as he talks shit about Cam in the same room? I’d walk out too. Fuck that. That’s abuse.

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