Smoke Of The Week: Jenna, From Bloom U


Introducing Jenna from Bloomsburg


This week’s smoke is straight outta Bloom U. If you’re lucky enough to be a Bloom U student and you know Jenna, you better cuff her up and cuff her up RIGHT NOW. I’m assuming she’s a communication major due to the fact that she’s does the sports reporting for Bloom. And if you want to make it sports broadcasting as a woman, there’s 2 things you NEED to be good at to get a job in that field. A.) be hot. and B.) be hot.

Clearly she’s going to get a job when she graduates. And if she has a hard time finding one, she can work for us any day…..



Not gonna lie. I’ll be dreaming of Jenna holding a BDP microphone. And if you’re reading this, Jenna. I snowboard too…Hint, hint.

So let’s get into it. Introducing Jenna from Bloom



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Denver Broncos AFC Championship Gear









6 7

8  9

10 11







If you can still breathe, Rate Jenna.

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