BDP Divisional Saturday Playoff Picks


Come get some winners.

Lets start out with Saturday:

Kansas City vs New England (-5)

Kansas City, quite possibly the hottest team in the NFL right now, heads to Brady’s house for a 4:35 kick off. First things first…Lets look at who the public is betting on.


Pretty much 50/50 as far as the side goes. Some pretty heavy action on the over. Now fading the public works well for the side. I wish it worked the same for totals. In my 10 years of experience, the best way to pick a total is to flip a coin. I like to bet unders due to the fact that the public likes to bet overs and hope the game has a lot of points and excitement.

One thing you don’t ever want to do, is bet against Brady. I’ve done it probably a thousand times and came out on top maybe 3 times. Once against Aaron Rodgers last year, this year against Buffalo and I honestly can’t think of the other time that worked out. So scratch that, out of the 20 times I bet against Brady it only worked twice.

Usually The Patriots are a public bet. Surprised it’s not a public bet…And that’s exactly why I like them. I guess everyone is backing the fact that The Pats are kind of banged up right now. Listen, that’s cool and all, but this is playoff football. If this was week 6, I’d take KC.

But this is Tom Brady. Playoff football. And home field advantage. The line is currently sitting at -5 and I would still take The Pats if the line moves to -7. Brady is rested. Edelman returns. And regardless what the injury reports are saying, Gronk is gonna Gronk on Saturday.

The Chiefs won their last 50 games in a row, but honestly, who the fuck have they played?



Game 2: Green Bay vs Arizona (-7)

For the record, last time they played each other I was on Arizona in the BLOWOUT. This time it won’t be that easy.

Again, lets look at what the public is betting:


57% of the public is playing Arizona. Decent amount of action on the over, as 65% is playing the over. Not shocking.

This one is really tough. Green Bay seemed to have got their shit together last week against the Redskins. I feel like a lot of people were playing Washington last week. Nobody really expected Rodgers to go off like that, including myself. Something tells me that either Green Bay is gonna smack them off the revenge factor, or it’ll come down to a field goal in the final seconds.

Green Bay has a lot of momentum going into this one. I feel like you’d be an idiot not to take The Packers tomorrow catching 7 points AND the hook.

The Pick: GREEN BAY +7.5

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