Everyone That Shared This Photo Today Is An IDIOT



Well look at that! Definitive proof that that millions of idiots exist on the internet. One person shares a stupid meme saying that the powerball could solve poverty, and everyone believes it! This stupid photo got a bazillion shares on facebook and everyone who shared it is an absolute IDIOT!

Do the math people. 1.3 billion divided by 300 million is NOT 4.33 million. It’s 4.33 DOLLARS. That’s 4 single dollar bills, a quarter, a nickels and 3 pennies. POVERTY ENDED!!

And it’s times like these that really make me hate the internet sometimes.

If you shared that post on Facebook today, this video is for you…

SIDENOTE- I have to tip the cap to the person who created that photo. Obviously this person realized 96% of the people on the internet are idiots and will share anything without doing basic research and using basic math skills. A million shares later and his facebook page is popping. I actually respect it.

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