Dude In NYC Takes A Shit In The Middle Of Starbucks



Call the police! He’s pooping! He’s shitting in the Starbucks! 911! 911!

And oh yeah, he’s not mentally ill. Just has some detoxing issues because he’s a heroin addict. Let the man use the bathroom. He has to poop just like me and you. Either you’re going to let him use the shitter, or he’s gonna drop his pants to his ankles and drop a nasty heroin detox poop all over your floor, Starbucks.

PS- Hearing that chick who was recording say “pooping” was the funniest part of the entire video. “Pooping” is sneakily the funniest word in the English dictionary. Just say it out loud real quick. “Pooping”. Makes me chuckle every time.

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