Let Me Educate Everyone Quick On The “Crazy Eagles Fan” You’ve Just Seen For The First Time Tonight



Ok, so I get it. Pretty much everyone is a noob when it comes to the internet due to the fact that everyone has smartphones and the Facebook app. Like even my mom is on Facebook now and I HATE IT. Like she probably saw this guy’s video pop up tonight and was like “OMG look at this funny black man who likes The Eagles”. Let me get this straight, if you’re a Philly fan and haven’t seen this guy’s video until tonight, you’re not really an Eagles fan.

EDP has been killing it with his YouTube videos for YEARS. Oh wait, what’s an “EDP” you ask?

Eat Dat Pussy.

That’s his name. EDP for short. One of the funniest guys on the internet. DIE HARD Eagles fan. Every time the Eagles get boned, (which happens a lot) he’ll post a ridiculous reaction video where he loses his mind. Here’s some of his best:



So weather you’re an Eagles fan and you want to feel his pain or ride his high, or you’re an Eagles hater and you want to eat up all their hard times, you need to follow EDP…. Here’s his shit:

YouTube Account

Twitter Account

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