The BDP Definitive “Top 20 Rock Bands Of The 2000’s”



*** This blog contains a shit ton of YouTube videos. You should let this blog load a bit before you start jamming. It also may run slow because of the amount of YouTube videos ***


Bookmark/Save this blog and use it whenever you’re in the mood to take it back to 2000. I hope you had as much fun reading this blog as I did putting it together. It’s my Christmas gift to you. Thanks for reading BDP over the past 5 years.

Shout Out to everyone who helped make this happen


Lets get into the countdown.

Coming in at #20 we have Incubus. Not a huge Incubus guy, but I know a lot of people who are, so here’s my favorite Incubus songs.


Every time I hear the Deftones it reminds me of Dave Mirra’s Freestyle BMX for old school Playstation, just saying. Lets get into the jams.

#18 P.O.D

P.O.D, a good old fashioned hard-rock Jesus band. Doesn’t get much better than the combination of Jesus and rock-n-roll.

#17 Puddle Of Mudd

How could you not love these guys? Still to this day I get fired up when “She Hates Me” comes on. Love saying “she fucking hates me”, there’s something baddass about it. Plus they had a bunch of other heaters.


LOVE Godsmack! Didn’t really like the fact that had the word “smack” and “god” in the same name, but I quickly got over that once I left Catholic school and transferred to Old Forge High.


Love these guys. Had a bunch of jams that we all still love today. Lets get into them.

Sidenote – The guys who played baseball with me certainly remember “The Anthem” for all the wrong reasons. Like when we were singing it on the bus when we threw all those hoagies and soda cans out the window when we were driving over that suicide bridge in Clarks-Summit. I have no idea how we didn’t murder anyone…Kids.


Coming in at #14 we have Staind. A great band to listen to is you were pissed off. It seemed like Aaron Lewis was always going through some kind of shitty situation. Such an under rated band.

PS- Did any other lead singer love to smoke cigs more than Aaron Lewis? The only one I can think of that smoke more heaters than Aaron is John Daly

#13 TOOL

I think Tool started off in the 90’s. I remember just being a kid and watching MTV with my dad. I remember all those crazy music videos that were all made out of clay and shit. Pretty wild stuff. Lateralus came out during my senior year of Little League. I was BANGING that album during that summer. On to the music.

#12 SUM 41

Some people say that these guys were fake punk guys, I don’t know what that even means but I really enjoyed their presence. Just a feel good punk rock band. None of their songs ever let me down. Legends in my book.

#11 BLINK 182

The only other punk band I liked more than Sum 41 was Blink. One of the best punk bands of our generation. And if I’m not mistaken, I think they’re getting back together for some new music? I could be wrong, but either way, their old stuff still bangs.


Easily one of my favorite bands. I was listening to these guys when I was in kindergarden. Billy Joe was the reason I even owned a guitar and put stickers all over it just like he did. I started taking lessons and quickly dropped out of them because all I wanted to do was learn how to cover songs. So I learned how to play “When I Come Around” and still to this day it’s the only song I know how to play. Any of their CDs after Nimrod were all pretty upsetting if you want my opinion. I guess they got older and lost their heavy metal punk mojo. I ain’t mad though. Everyone gets old. Shit happens.


HATED the government and probably still do. Although I had no idea what their message was back then, I knew they kicked ass. Looking back now that I’m 27, I get it. Lets get into the music.


One word. OOOO-AH-AH-AH-AHHHH!!!


I was OBSESSED with Mudvayne. Mostly because of their facepaint and costumes. Chad’s facepaint and beard was seriously the coolest thing ever. I actually made the entire band out of clay and it was pretty legit. Unfortunately some hoe broke up with me in 7th grade and I mushed them up and threw them at the chick’s house who had a birthday party and didn’t invite me. They thought some kind of devil worshiper was doing devil worshipping things on her backporch. That freaked them out pretty good. Kind of wishing it didn’t destroy the art i created with my bare hands, but chicks will make you do stupid shit. “Dig” is still one of the hardest songs in the history of hard songs.

Sidenote -It took me like 3 days to download this live version of “Dig” that I posted below. The days of 56/K internet fucking sucked. Kids these days will never know the struggle of a dial-up modem.


One of the filthiest bands of our time. Korn just had hit after hit. One of the first bands that made it cool to mix in the bagpipes. And that bass had a sound of its own. Love these guys.

Sidenote – Every time I was asked if I liked “Korn”, I’d always say “Yeah, I like green beans too.” Thought that was funny. Usually I was the only one who laughed so I guess it wasn’t that funny to anyone else.


I wasn’t exactly a maggot, but Slipknot was one of the sickest bands of all time. Their costumes and masks were incredible and they were always changing. Back in my 7th grade shop class, I made this little shrine to show love:


Sick, right? Or should I say “sic”?


First concert I ever saw with my parents. Offspring And Lit opened for Aerosmith, which made zero sense, but it happened. Still listen to Offspring on the reg.


Holy shit were these guys intense. Another polital band like RAGE but a little more rock-n-roll. Once Chop Suey! dropped, I’m pretty sure the entire United States Of America became System Of A Down fans. Toxicity was one of the greatest albums of all time. Then they dropped 4 more albums and those too were all classics. I was lucky enough to catch them front row for OzzFest.


The perfect mix of heavy metal and hip-hop. Linkin Park was the real deal and still are today. One of the most influential bands of the 2000’s. I was lucky enough to see them live with my good friend Eddie K. It was the first concert I got to go to without my parents. Cypress Hill also opened for them and that’s the night I caught my first ever contact high. Actually, skip the contact, I was high as shit.

Still to this day, LB is one of my favorite bands of all time. Say what you want, but these guys were incredible. The perfect mix of hip-hop and metal. They were the ones who made it cool. From 3 dollar bill ya’ll to infinity. They were one of those bands where you could only listen to them with you father, because your mother would SNAP when the F-bombs were dropped, and there were a fuck ton of F-bombs coming out of Fred’s mouth. And let’s not forget what happened at Woodstock when Limp Bizkit took the stage. Oh you don’t remember? Let me refresh your memory quick.

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