Kiel Eigen’s New “Hard Work Pays Off” Video Is Goosebump City



If you didn’t get goosebumps while watching that video, then there’s a good chance you might not have a pulse on this Monday afternoon. It’s one of those videos that really puts things in perspective. Just when you think you have it tough, and things might not be going the way you’d like them to, think about the battle that Kiel takes on EVERY DAY. It’s truly inspiring when you take a second and soak it all in. And I’m sure there was many points in Kiel’s life where he wondered what exactly life had in store for him. I’m sure he wondered what his purpose in life would be. Well, just like the title says..”Hard Work Pays Off”. Now look at him. He’s a spokesperson and literally gets payed by by the biggest and baddest mobile chair company on the planet to tell his story to people who are going through the same endeavors as he once did. He gets a chance to put smiles on peoples faces…He gets a chance to turns peoples lives around… He gets a chance to give people hope…. He gets a chance to become something…

He gets to be…



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