ODB Tried To Murder Josh Norman With His Helmet



What a game right now. The Giants just blocked a FG attempt by Carolina and Eli and company are about to make this 7 point game if they find the endzone with 7 minutes left.

Wait, scratch that. Eli just threw a pick as I’m typing this.

UPDATE: Carolina turns it over and this…

What a game. 21 unanswered by the G-Men. Giants down by 7 at their own 40. Will keep the updates coming. Keep checking back!

UPDATE: ODB takes The Giants to the Carolina 20 with his first big play of the game.

UPDATE: The booth is currently looking at a lost fumble recovered by Carolina. Looks like an incomplete pass.

Update: Reversed. 4 Down and this happens…

Final Update: Panthers drive down the field and win the game with a last second field goal. What a game.

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