BREAKING NEWS: Pittsburgh Votes To Decriminalize Marijuana



PITTSBURGH (KDKA)People caught with a small amount of marijuana in the city of Pittsburgh will no longer automatically be sent to jail under legislation approved by the City Council.

The City Council voted in favor of an ordinance to decriminalize possession of 30-grams or less of marijuana.

Police will have the option to issue a citation and a fine ranging from $25-to $100-dollars.

Currently punishment for possession is up to 30-days in jail, and a $500-dollar fine.

Councilman Daniel Lavelle, sponsor of the bill, says it will helpreduce the number of lives destroyed by the consequences of the most minor marijuana offenses.
Consequences he believes are unnecessarily harsh.


A Live Look at the city of Pittsburgh..


WINNNNNNNNING! What a time to be alive in Pittsburgh! The Steelers are making a run at the playoffs, Wiz Khalifa just dropped his Cabin Fever 3 mixtape, and now the City of Pittsburgh just decriminalized pot. Talk about a winning city! Just a matter of time before the entire nation decriminalizes pot.

Cue the music!

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