Bank Robber Gets Caught By Live TV Crew



Ummm, hey cameraman – That guy from the bank just pointed at the robber and told you”There’s the guy right there“. How about panning over the camera one time so we can see the guy? Don’t they teach you kind of stuff in camera school? C’mon bro. Camera Crew 101 stuff here. Show us that action.Rookie kind of play if you ask me. I mean, if I was behind the camera, I’m getting the bank robber in the video. That’the difference of a 10,000 views on YouTube video vs. a video that gets 100,000.

So the fact that we never actually get to see the robber in action, it kind of makes me feel like this video is fake. Just a news crew who wants to go viral on YouTube one time. Just doesn’t seem legit. Whatever though, still kind of funny. I guess. If you’re into that kind of shit.

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