I Can Watch This Behemoth Bull Frog Eat Things All Day


(At the 1:40-2:25 mark, be prepared to see this motherfucker eat some white¬†mice…Just a head’s up)



I watched this video over and over at least 10 times last night. I couldn’t wait to blog it. It got a little weird once he starting taking down mice, but other than that, it was the most electrifying video I’ve seen all week. Watching that fat mothefucker taking down prey like an absolute savage is what the internet is all about. Like if this video was two hours long I would of still probably watched it on loop at least twice and wouldn’t skip a beat. Just a hilarious frog. Kind of makes me wish I was a big fat bull frog so I could eat shit with him all day and just keep getting fatter and fatter.

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