Help Raise Money For CS Syndrome So Pittston Bro Can Shave Off This Ugly Beard




Listen, the point of this blog is to do anything I can to help Jim raise some money for CS (Cockayne Syndrome) but for God sake, lets do humanity a favor and get rid of this nasty-ass beard.


Nasty on nasty on nasty.


Sunday DispatchPittston resident Jimmy Alba, pictured, is seeking to raise money for Cockayne Syndrom research after two friends of his, Jeanie and Scott Decker, also of Pittston, lost two children to the disease. Alba said if he reaches his goal of $1 million by midnight on Christmas Day, he will shave off his beard.


Jim’s Fundraiser Description –  “Trim For A Cure”

Hey, My name is James (FatJimmy) Alba and I have decided to help my friends raise funds for a very special cause by shaving off some of my awesome beard. The more donations made by Christmas Eve, the more of my beard I will shave. This all started because I decided that I needed a clean up of the sides of my beard, and since my beard is such a big part of who I am, I decided to use my powers for good and help raise money for a very worthy and special non profit close to my heart. I am picking Christmas Day as my Shave Day because it will coincide with the end of my first “Yeard.”  

My friends lost both their children to this rare genetic disorder called Cockayne Syndrome (CS). CS is characterized by poor growth, microcephaly(small head), progeria (premature aging), sensitivity to sunlight, moderate to profound developmental and neurological delays, and a shortened lifespan. My friends’ son Zachary passed at age 4, and their daughter Faith passed at age 6. CS is so rare, there are only about 200 children with it in the United States. Share & Care Cockayne Syndrome Network’s mission is to help children with CS and their families improve quality of life through support, education, and research. Share and Care Cockayne Syndrome Network focuses on their goal to help families obtain an earlier diagnosis and share information on drugs and procedures that prove to be beneficial to children with Cockayne syndrome.A future drug trial is on the horizon with the National Institute of Health with hopes to slow the progression and symptoms of the syndrome. 

If we reach a MILLION DOLLARS by Christmas Eve at midnight, I will shave off my entire Beard.


Do I think Jim set the bar a little too high with a million dollars? No. A million dollars still ain’t enough money for when it comes to research that can help save kids lives like Zach and Faith.

Now do I think Jim should shave his beard off anyways? Absolutely. That chin nest needs to come off ASAP. Do I think Jim should chop it off regardless of the dollar amount on Christmas Day? Yes and Yes.



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