Dad Finds The King Cobra That Killed His Son And Murdered It With His Bare Hands



As a man who HATES snakes, this video was very fulfilling. It put a BIG smile on my face. Like we’re closing in on the end of 2015, and I think the father of the year award has to go to this Dad. I respect the hell out of this man for getting his revenge on the devil snake that killed his son. I mean, finding the EXACT snake that killed your son has to be hard enough, but taking on a deadly King Cobra and killing the shit out of it with your bare hands is some other other kind of shit. Like he could of shot it, used a shovel, cut it with an oversized pair of scissors or smashed it over the head with a brick. But this Dad did it with his own bare hands. Snatched it from a tree, grabbed it by its ass and spun that bastard around like a savage. And for that, this dad is truly an American/Indian hero.

PS- Who knew 3rd world countries had camera phones? Not me.

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