Anonymous Wants You! As They Declare Dec 11th National “ISIS Trolling Day” #Daeshbags





CNBC– Activist hacking group Anonymous have declared this Friday December 11 a “trolling day” against the so-called terrorist group Islamic State (ISIS) as part of its cyber campaign against the militant Islamist group. In an online message, Anonymous asked people to mock ISIS, or “Daesh” as it is also known in the West (a derogatory term for the group) online as part of its “Operation ISIS” campaign. “We ask you to show your support and help against ISIS by joining us and trolling them // do not think you have to be part of Anonymous, anyone can do this and does not require special skills.” “We ask you to take part of this on Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Youtube //In the “Real World,” the post on file-sharing website Ghostbin added. Trolling is the term given to abuse, insults or threats made online with celebrities often being the targets of internet “trolls.” Anonymous asked them to use the Twitter hashtags #Daesh and #Daeshbags and post “mocking photos” of the group – such as posting picture of goats to ISIS members with captions talking about their wives, amongst other trolling tactics.


Now here is one of those “National” internet holiday games I can get down with. Everyone who has ever done their research on ISIS knows they are OBSESSED with YouTube, Twitter and the internet. They use it as a scare tactic with all their beheading videos and whatnot.

So it is brilliant in my opinion that Anonymous has made Dec 11th the official day to drop internet bombs on ISIS. Will it stop the war? Probably not, but if it pisses off just one of these ISIS slimeballs, then it works in my opinion.

So make sure you post a funny meme on December 11th. Also include the hashtag #Daeshbags. Daesh is a derogatory term used in the west. I’ll do my best on the 10th and the 11th to create a blog where I’ll upload funny ISIS memes for you to use if you have a hard time finding some.





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