Old Forge Vs Bishop McDevit Recap Blog



Don’t try and play cute with us Erin. I know, you know and Moz knows what you were trying to say there. Don’t try and play cute with us and pretend you were talking about “the team”. You legit thought this was Brendan’s 2nd time in 3 years getting to the Eastern Finals, and B-Moz caught you slipping. He’s not a senior yet, Erin. Do your research one time. You don’t interview B-Moz, B-Moz interviews you!


All in all, great day to be a Blue Devil. And honestly, I thought I jinxed them once I started posting videos when they scored their second touchdown to go up 13-0, and that other team quickly answered. But after that, it was blowout city. A million yards of total offense and I think Cooper finished the game with 27 rushing touchdowns. Easy night for the devils.

But the highlight of the night came at halftime.


Has a great ring to it right? Maybe we make T-shirts for the student section for next week? I think we should. So if the bleacher kids want shirts made, hit me up on Twitter and we’ll try to get the ball rolling for next week.

PS- Don’t know how I missed this, so I don’t have a video clip, but this kid needs to be crucified right?

I guess it looked worse than it actually was, because Mando looked like it just tickled a little bit. Thumbs up!



Double PS – This doesn’t really have anything to do with the beatdown or the actual game, but I love the fact that you can hear literally everything that gets said in the stands. It makes watching these local games so much more exciting.

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