Local Heat Of The Week: The 2015 NEPA Cypher


A bunch of the hottest MC’s in NEPA got together to drop BARS in the 2015 NEPA Cypher. This video came out back in July, but I haven’t seen it until today. Everybody went in!

YouTube Description – Check out the 2015 #NEPACypher! Northeast Pennsylvania’s best emcees come together for nothing less than a bar fest. Like, Comment, Share, and Subscribe! Check out the artists! (ARTIST INFO BELOW)

Eternal Konflict(G-Lyrekal, Sincere, and Brolyk)
-Facebook: facebook.com/eternalkonflict
-Instagram: @eternalkonflict
-Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/eternal_konflict

Chris Fields
-Website: http://www.cdotfields.com
-Facebook: facebook.com/cdotfields
-Twitter: @cdotfields
-Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/cdotfields
-Instagram: @cdotfields

Die-Polar(Blade and Nate Williams)
-Facebook: facebook.com/diepolarmusic
-Twitter: @diepolarmusic
-Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/die-polar

-Facebook: facebook.com/kanvismusic
-Twitter: @kanvismusic
-Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/kanvismusic
-Instagram: @iamkanvis

Special thanks to iMattie Films!
Special thanks to Lyrics18407 for allowing us to film in their space.
Beat Credit: DJ Quickmix; Pharrell Williams

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