Watch Ronda’s Family Reaction The Moment She Got Her Face Kicked In



A lot of people were claiming that this fight was scripted. Well if it was, Ronda’s family didn’t get the memo. Those were real tears at the exact moment when Ronda got her face kicked in.

See the UFC works the same way the WWE does. When you want to take a break from the sport, you can’t just go on vacation without coughing up the belt to the number 1 contender. It’s the same thing when The Rock wanted to do movies. He had to “get injured” and lose the belt. Same thing for Ronda. She can’t just walk away for a few months with the belt and not continue to defend it. It’s not good for the sport, and it’s not good good for ratings.

So was the fight rigged? I honestly don’t think it was. I think Ronda was just out matched and probably just went through the motions during her training, because she’d rather make big/easy money without having to take punches to the face anymore. At least not real ones. You don’t really get punched in the face when you’re doing action movies. Anyone with a brain would do the same. Take a break from the sport that you put on the map, and make some easy money looking kicking ass on the big screen and look sexy doing it. Nobody can be mad at that. Everyone deserves a vacation here and there. The same goes for Ronda.

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