Video Shows Earth Appear To Be Breathing



SOURCE – Social media users have been theorizing about what this bizarre, pulsating woodland soil could be: a marsh? An underground river? The beginning of a sinkhole? Wind lifting the interconnected roots of the trees? A hibernating Ent?

This eerie footage was shot by Brian Nuttall in Apple River, Nova Scotia – rather aptly – on October 31 amid the hangover of Hurricane Patricia.


Everyone’s freaking out over this video right now. Typical behavior of the internet, but sometimes the earth just has to breathe a little now and then. I mean it can’t hold its breathe forever right? Eventually the earth will just suffocate and die. We don’t want that happening any time soon. We got enough problems as it is. So while everyone else goes bat shit crazy over the earth breathing, I’m here thanking the heavens the earth decided to take in some good ol’ CO2.

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