That Moment When Your Season Officially Turns To Shit


It’s a feeling us Chargers fans have felt for as long as I know…


Seriously, been there done that. Once Stevie spiked the ball (like Vincent Jackson did a few years ago) and Gates had a TD reversal with under 8 minutes in the 4th, I knew it was coming. Seen it WAY too many times. The Chargers end up getting held to a field goal and 5 point lead, instead of a 9, possibly 10 point lead, we leave the fucking door open for nice, long, Smoking Jay Cutler drive where he hits Zach Miller with a monster go ahead TD catch with just under 3 minutes. Just knew it was coming. Been seeing it since I was in diapers.

Things went from this —


To this…



Real fucking quick. Chargers football, baby! A tradition like no other!


PS- At least there’s this….


I’ve never seen anyone get burned like River burned Cutler back in the Denver days.

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  1. I feel like I wrote that story. The anthem of my life as a Charger fan. I didn’t know there were other Charger fans in NEPA willing to deal with the heartache. We should wallow over our sorrows at Town Tavern.

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