Wait, Old Forge Has A LEGIT Indoor RC-Car Race Track????



Pizza? Check. Restaurants? Check. Home of the best athletes? Check. Indoor RC tracks?  Check.

Wait, did we really just check off an indoor RC racetrack?









Who knew?

Like just when you think you know everyone and everything that goes down in Old Forge, you don’t. Like that racetrack is legit and I think we all can agree that we needed this set-up back in the 90’s. Like If you didn’t have an RC car in the 90’s then you didn’t really grow up in the 90’s. RC cars we’re legitness.

There was nothing better than setting up ramps all over the house and marking up the walls when those things caught some air. Parents hated that. So after marking up the walls, you’d take it outdoors and use mother nature to set up tracks and jumps. Easily one of the best things about growing up in the 90’s. The only thing that sucked was the fact you had to charge them for like a month to get maybe 2 and a half hours of battery power.

But with all that being said:

Ranking The Best RC Cars From The 90’s:

#5 The Scorcher


You know what’s faster than 4 wheels? 6 wheels. But not the best handling in the world.

#4 Psycho

maxresdefault (1)

And what’s better than 6 wheels? 4 wheels with the gigantic ones in the back.

#3 Jet Hopper Wild Thing

All around pretty fast car with some nice suspension for some pretty decent handling.

#2 The Triple Wheels

Innovation at it’s finest. Try flipping this one over on it’s back, you can’t.

#1 Tyco Rebound

Baddest bitch in the game. Almost impossible to flip this one unless you roll it over onto its side. Hands down #1 spot.

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