Having A Bad Day? Well At Least You Didn’t Get Beat Up By A McDonald’s Drive-Thru Worker



No words to describe how embarrassing that is for the drive-thru customer. How the fuck do you get beat up that bad by a man literally hanging out of a drive-thru window? Like he’s at so much at a disadvantage and still manages to beat this guy’s ass. Apparently it all started after the window guy dropped the guy’s change, so the driver spit at the window guy. What a turn of events for the driver right? You think you’re all high and mighty after the window worker drops a couple nickels and dimes, so that hardo spat on him. Well look at you know bro. Getting murdered by torso hanging out of a drive-thru window. Can’t possible pick a worse¬†way to lose a fight. That’s on you, bro. Be worse at fighting, you can’t.

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