Remember Derek From Old Forge Who Nailed That Twirling Routine? Well Now He Needs Our Help.


Help Derek go to Nationals!

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Remember the blog we posted about a month ago of the kid from Old Forge who lit up the Devils Den for his baton twirling performance? Well, he’s dying to go to Notre Dame for Nationals, but is having a tough time financially, so his cousin started up a GoFundMe account, which you can check out and donate HERE.

GoFundMe Description:

Hi Everyone,

My cousin Derek Lederer started twirling a couple years ago. He first picked up a baton and just started messing around with it when my Grandma, who raises him, said to him that he seems like he would be good at twirling. That is how it all started. Derek taught himself and then began receiving lessons from Sherri’s Royaletts. He is now the feature twirler for Old Forge High school as well as performing at competitions with Sherri. He has won many first prize trophies and is known as one of the best twirlers in the state. He needs to go to the National competition at Notre Dame in the spring but needs some financial help. My Grandmother cannot afford to send him as her income is very limited. The cost will be in the thousands, so anything at all will be a help. Thank you!!


Looks like as of right now that the GoFundMe account is closing in on just $100. The goal is $2,500. Not everyone is blessed with wealthy parents who¬†can provide the world. And from what I understand, Derek is being raised by his grandmother and unfortunately, money is tight. Derek is a hard working joyful kid and deserves to live out his dreams. Well right now now, that dream is to go to Nationals. Let’s make it happen for him. DONATE HERE.

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