LOCAL RAP JAM OF THE DAY: Nate Williams – Bless Your Heart (FT – Lal & Tha Kid Flow)

bless your heart

From Lake Ariel to Jessup to Carbondale. All on one fire flames track.#BlessYourHeart.

So just in case you missed it yesterday,  we blogged a fire hot rap song from local rapper “Skits” called “Welcome To Pittston” and it went viral city. CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT IF YOU MISSED IT.

It got a ton of good feedback. It also created a buzz that sparked many rappers to send us some new jams. We’d like to keep the train rolling, so if you’re a rapper from NEPA and you want to generate some new fans and help your Soundcloud get more listens, send us your jams and we’ll blog them if they are on point. Send us your music by messaging our FACBOOK PAGE

So today’s jam of the day come from Nate Williams AKA Midnight Run called “Bless Your Heart”. It features verses from Lal and Tha Kid Flow. Another dope track for sure. Why? Because the hook is catchy as fuck. How do I know? Because I’ve been walking around the house getting ready for work and saying GOD BLESS YOUR HEART for the past 30 mins.

Check out “Bless Your Heart” the long awaited collaboration between Lake Ariel, PA’s Nate Williams, Jessup, PA’s Lal and Carbondale, PA’s Tha Kidd Flow…


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