MUST WATCH VIDEO: Bro Dances On Top Of Ex’s Roof After Lighting It On Fire


Love this guy.


NDIANAPOLIS (CNN/WRTV) An Indianapolis man barricaded himself in a house, then danced on the roof as a fire was raging inside Monday, CNN affiliate WRTV reports. Indianapolis Metropolitan Police say 25-year-old Matthew Russ took his ex-girlfriend’s keys, stole her car and crashed it into a pole. Police said they found Russ sitting in a chair in the driveway holding a knife. Russ then went into the house and onto the roof with the knife in his hand.  Police used rubber bullets to try and get Russ down but was not effective. Russ came back out on the roof and was captured by news cameras smiling and dancing with smoke and flames billowing behind him. Police believe Russ may have lit the home on fire as well. Police had to use an aerial ladder, and stun gun to take Russ into custody.


Got a crazy girlfriend? Want to end things with a bang? Take notes from this guy..




That’s how you break it off with your girl! Steal her car keys, crash that bitch’s car into a pole and do Drake’s Hotline Bling dance while you burn her house into the ground! Pop a few pills and have a dance-off until the cops show up with the rubber bullets. That’ll show her who’s boss. Sure, you might do some time in prison, but she’ll never forget you and the way you broke things off. When it comes to break ups, it’s always about going out on top, and sometimes that means you have to burn her house down and literally dance on top of it. Go out like a king would.

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