New Eagles Hype-Up Video Narrated By Brian Dawkins Taking You Into Monday Night Football



It’s fly or die in Philly tonight. Beat The Giants and and survive. Lose, and fall to the bottom on the NFC.

Smitty – The Eagles already lost head to head (the first tiebreaker) with the Cowboys and Redskins. The second tiebreaker, one’s divisional record, is obviously rough at 0-2. And the third tiebreaker, conference W/L, isn’t doing to swell either at 1-3. A loss tonight would mean the Birds fall 2 games behind the Giants, but would essentially lose all tiebreaker scenarios possibly at the end of the year. Even if they win the remaining 3 divisional games, 3-3 probably won’t cut it for the tiebreaker. The Cowboys are already 2-0 in the division and the Giants would rise to 2-1, so 4-2 for either of those squads is a very realistic possibility. The Eagles CAN’T lose tonight and fall basically 3+ games behind NY because they would need to end up with a better record than them overall. And we all know nobody from this NFC “Least” (Get it? Cause they all suck), is fetching a WC spot.

With that all being said, the line is sitting at Eagles -4 with a majority of the action  being bet on The Giants.


I hate betting favorites. Everyone who knows me knows that. But when when everyone and their brother is on the points, I LOVE betting the favorite. Public dogs are the absolute WORST. If you’re an Eagles fan, enjoy this one. Go out to the bar, wear all your merchandise, rip down a ton of Yager-Bombs and cheer LOUD. And If you’re a betting man, unload on The Eagles tonight. Maybe even parlay it with the under.

PS- Shout Out To Brain Dawkins For The RT:


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