Friday The 13th The Video Game Is Happening And Here Is The Trailer




Quick little side-note – I had such an obsession with Jason Vorhees when I was a little kid. I had a “baby’s first holy bible” which was a cartoonish version of the bible for kids. First two pages of the book were blank, so I filled them up by drawing pictures of Jason murdering people with a huge machete. Real nice, right?  I had issues, and obviously still do.

But this game is gonna be the tits!

Remember the Friday The 13th video game for NES back in like 1989?

Not everybody had this game. It was like a hidden gem. But the only shitty part was the fact that you literally had to play the game for like 6 hours straight for before Jason would actually pop out, and when it happened, this was the big moment…


The 2015 version looks like it’s gonna be a liiiiiitle bit better than the 89” version.

Apparently in this version, you play as Jason and the plot is to stalk camp counselors in Camp Crystal Lake while you brutally murder them in a bunch of different ways. Weather it be with the machete, a choke out or smashing their bodies of a big tree. Seems legit.

But if you want some more details and information check out this page HERE.

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