Watching This Bookie Beat Up A Customer In The Streets Over A Gambling Debt Is What Nightmares Are Made Of



If you ever had a horrible week of sports betting through a local bookie, this video will haunt you in your sleep. If you’ve ever gotten yourself in a jam and chased, and chased, and chased to the point where you lost a ton of money that you didn’t have, this is literally your worst nightmare. Running into your bookie in the middle of the streets and getting headbutted, punched in the face and choke-slammed over a metal pole is literally what nightmares are made of. And being that it’s 2015 and not the 70s and 80s no more, you don’t see shit like this happen these days. Well this bookie wearing the orange shirt doesn’t give a fuck – he wants his fucking money and he wants it now. No payment plans, no nothing. Just wants his fucking $2,400. Scariest video I’ve seen in years.

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