NME – A recently unearthed Kurt Cobain demo, titled ‘Sappy’, is now streaming online.  The track will be included on upcoming solo album of sorts, ‘Montage Of Heck: The Home Recordings’, which will be released on November 13 as a 31-track deluxe record or as a 13-track standard edition.  ‘Sappy’ also features on a 7-inch featuring a Cobain cover of The Beatles’ ‘And I Love Her’. That will be released on December 4.  ‘Sappy’ has been widely available in bootleg form and online for years, but this is the first high quality version to be released. 

So the Montage Of Heck documentary came out on HBO a few months back which we blogged, but only managed to stay up on YouTube for a few days, so hopefully you all got a chance to see here or on HBO. But today, we get the news that a soundtrack to the documentary the will be released November 13th filled with 31 tracks featuring a ton of unreleased songs, demos, personal recordings, musical experiments and even some sketch comedy routines. It’s a pretty good day to be a Nirvana fan. If anything happens to leak before then, you’re damn sure I’ll blog it for ya. So stay tuned.

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